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ChurchMinder® is a ministry that assists progressive churches like yours to grow by putting our comprehensive Pastoral Care and Church Management software at your service.

The ChurchMinder® Pastoral Care and Church Management software suite takes care of every aspect of your church operations and enables you to show each of your valued Members the personalized care that they deserve.

The modules of ChurchMinder® are [please hover over each module for more information]:

:: Comprehensive Membership Details, Collect all the information you need about each Member to be able to use our vast array of analytical tools to facilitate quality member care

:: Member Analysis & Church Membership Statistics, Get all the tools to deeply analyse the composition of your church, obtain instant statistics and plan relevant programs and interventions to facilitate excellent member care and, consequently, sustained church growth

:: Church Members Age Distribution Profiles Instantly find out how your Church looks in terms of age so you can tell if your church is reasonably "young" or rather growing out of existence, etc.

:: Church Members Marriage Profiles, Quickly find out the respective Marriage situations of your Members (Married, Single, Widowed, etc.) so you can plan appropriate programs that are relevant to each segment

:: Church Members Education Profiles, Quickly appreciate the respective Education mix of your Members (proportions with basic school education, secondary level education, etc.)

:: Church Members Employment Profile, Instantly find the Employment situation of your Members (proportion employed, unemployed, retired, etc.)

:: Church Members Communicant Profile, etc. Quickly find out what proportion of your Members do participate in Communion

:: Flexible Instant Reports, Easily obtain every kind of management reports on your church in just seconds, export these and easily print or distribute via email

:: Visitors, Associates & Discipleship Management, Manage all your Visitors through discipleship/new member classes to facilitate effective visitor conversion. Keep good records on your church's associates and keep in touch with them

:: Financials (Receipts, Expenditures, Personal Statements, etc.), Proper records for funds received and spent

:: SMS (text message) and Printed Receipts for Financial Contributions, Soft tools for demonstrating proper accounting for funds received and thus encourage more giving

:: Church Events/Activities Planner, Easily plan your church's activities and events. These are nicely categorised (Child Namings, Trips, Ordinations, etc.)

:: Church Services Notes and Statistics, etc., All the information on your services with relevant statistics (so you can spot trends and plan necessary interventions)

:: Sacraments Participation, Communion attendance, etc.

:: Groups, Departments and Ministries Management (Choir, Management Board, etc.), Easily manage individual's participation in all groups, departments, etc. and quickly obtain reports on such participation, send messages to specific groups, obtain historical composition reports, etc.

:: Clergy & Human Resources Information, Stewardship Notes, etc., Keep track of Clergy and all human resources that are employed by your church and keep notes on their stewardship with you

:: Church Events Planner, Plan all your events in their respective categories (weddings, baptisms, etc.) and for their due dates

:: Church Diary, Document all events, activities, occurences etc. in your church in their respective categories (weddings, baby dedications, etc.) so that you continuously compile your church history for easy reference during anniversaries, etc.

:: Church Announcements Repository, Nicely file all your announcements for easy retreival and referencing

:: Integrated Personlaized Text Messaging, Send branded scheduled and ad hoc personalized text messages (SMS) to your Members, groups and committees, members that fit a given set of criteria etc. Celebrate key anniversaries (birthdays, marriage anniversaries, etc.) via SMS greetings to foster a sense of belonging and family

:: System Assisted Job Placement,  etc. With easy access to all demographics of your church, you can easily discover available human resources in your church to assist efforts like job placement, etc.

ChurchMinder® is the best software suite for church management in the world. So, go ahead and procure ChurchMinder® for your church now.

Christian Resources

Here on our ever-growing website, we also host useful resources for the benefit of the Christian Community, from Ministers to Christian Children. We encourage you to utlize these resources, participate in the discussions that are ongoing and make it a point to visit us daily to catch the very latest annointing and blessing!

God bless you and make this day a specially good one for you.

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