Your Questions About ChurchMinder®

These are some of your questions that we get asked often:

What hardware and configuration do we need to use your software?

The specifications of computers that you need to run our ChurchMinder® Pastoral Care and Church Management software are modest.

Computers that run the Windows XP or Windows 7 Operating systems with at least 2Gb of Memory are adequate. If you to use it in multi-user mode (where several users can access the system at the same time), you will also need a "server" that will hold all the information that will be captured as you use the system. This server only needs about 10Gb of free hard drive space (to store your information for about the next half decade) and it can actually be just one of your computers in the church office. All backups will be taken from this server computer.

Should you choose to issue "supermarket" receipts for payments, we can supply you our affordable OAMartin thermal receipt printers. If you choose to implement our Membership Card Scanning Module, we will manufacture scannable barcode labels to be affixed to your Members' membership cards for quick processing of tithes etc. via our OAMartin automatic scanners that we supply as well.

In a multi-user environment, do we need a Server?

You will need a local server so that you can work whether the internet is functioning well or not. This configuration ensures that all your information stays within your walls, unless you expressly permit a stakeholder to come in over the internet to login and participate in the software. This server only stores information so it does not need to be the expensive industrial type, one of your computers in the church office can be designated as the server (while it is being used by a user as well) and there will be no performance degradation at all.

What is the maximum number of Users who can be allowed to have access to the system at any one time.

There is a limit of five (5) simultaneous Users by default but you can purchase additional licenses/seats.

If we have to convert from our current Software to Churchminder® would you be able to build a conversion engine so that we can upload automatically without neccessarily having to do manual inputting all over again.

We certainly can build a customized conversion engine to to migrate your existing information. This would normally attract a fee (for the development).

I guess you are forever expanding the Software. Do you have a system where all upgrades made by your team can be made available to Users periodically? Are Version Releases made available free of charge?

We are constantly expanding the software to adequately manage the needs of the modern fast advancing church. When enhancements are made, Users/Clients benefit from these for free, unless special configuration is required in which case a minimal charge will be proposed to cover the time of the Support Technician.

We also develop entirely new modules that offer specific functionalities that we see as being potentially useful to you and we periodcially advertise these new modules to existing Users/Clients and those that are interested would be levied a (minimal) fee for these.

An interesting module that we have coming up soon is a Church Member Service Attendance Module that can be used to determine who and who has not been able to attend service for some period of time so that leaders can quickly follow up.

Do you do specific User customisation when required via Request for Change?

We do customization once the User/Client agrees to foot the bill for any additional development. But you will see that our extensive research of Pastoral Care and Church Management practices from a wide range of environments coupled with our generous system development agenda has ensured that every possible need of yours is adequately provided for in ChurchMinder® and that with the appropriate training, you will be amazed at how well ChuchMinder® will meet your expectations.

How is Maintenance Fees to be paid for - can we spread payment along the lines of a payment plan say quarterly or do you insist on bulk payments.

Technical support fees can be paid quarterly.

Indeed, our aim is to grow ChurchMinder® to be a self-supporting Ministry among the ranks of The Bible Society etc. so we shall, with your support, continue to develop and deploy cutting edge tools and resources for Christian work.

Do we need the internet to run the Church management system?

No, you do not need the internet to run ChurchMinder® as all your information is stored and manipulated locally on your computer systems. If you send messages (sms/text), you will need the internet for the brief period that the messages are being sent out.

Can we send text messages (SMS) from ChurchMinder®?

Yes, ChurchMinder® has very flexible options for sending text messages (sms) to your Church Members and any groups of recipients as well.

You can send scheduled text messages and even reminders to yourself and members of your Team of events in the future.

Can we schedule messages to be sent later?

Yes, you can schedule messages to be sent at a later date from ChurchMinder®.

Can we send messages to Groups in the Church like... say... the Church Choir?

Yes, you can easily send messages to groups in the Church (Choir, Deacons, etc.) with the click of a button.

Can we print receipts for Members when they make financial contributions?

Yes, ChurchMinder® prints out receipts for financial contributions of your Church Members.

Is it true that ChurchMinder can send electronic receipts to Members mobile phones when they make payments?

Yes, in addition to printing receipts for payments, ChurchMinder® sends electronic versions of receipts to Members' mobile phones via text (sms).

A Member aspires to join our Church Management Committee, can we obtain that Member's tithe payment statement/profile from ChurchMinder®?

Yes, you can easily obtain a statement of a particular Member's financial contributions to a given fund over a specified period in just seconds from ChurchMinder®.

Can ChurchMinder® send goddwill messages to my Church Members on their Birthdays, Marriage Anniversaries, etc?

Yes, you can quickly pull reports on key anniversaries of individual Members like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc. from ChurchMinder®. You can also send text messages (sms) to these celebrants easily via the click of a single button.

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